running on empty

running on empty

This wasn’t the plan. Subconscious-cycling has become the subconscious-running (after a small operation – photos available on request).

Sure there’s more to life than riding a bike. There’s running too. It’s easier to put trainers on and just go.  Why don’t I go for a run? No cramming pockets with inner tubes, tyre leavers and energy bars. Out the front door in 5 minutes.  Simple, quick, easy. (In theory “who’s moved my headphones?”).

To make a positive from a negative my bikes have been consigned to the cellar and a brand new pair of trainers purchased (positives from negatives) and I’m running to work and back to reclaim my running legs – which have previously been consigned somewhere similar to the cellar on a long term basis.

Home to office is 9 miles.  My goal is to work up to running back from the office to home in 1 go.  I’ve already decided I’m not going to do there and back in 1 day – I know my limits.  Over the 6 week cycling ban I’ll extend my run back a station at a time: Waterloo, Vauxhall, Battersea, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Town, Putney and finally on past Barnes to the finish line: Home.

Sound like a plan? How’s it working out?

Is it possible to unlearn something? Apparently so.  Not gilt-edging my running past, I wasn’t ever that good but I wasn’t ever this bad. Cycling 100km holds no fears whilst running just 10km currently appears unlikely.  I used to cook a mean Thai green curry but I’ve lost that ability, swapping cooking dinner for reading bedtime stories (a good swap).

Our modern world would struggle to match the engineering feats of the Egyptians.  Even substituting slaves for modern machinery I doubt we could replicate their pyramids.  Or match the engineering and artistic feats of our medieval forebears who built our grandest cathedrals either.  Technologies and skills gone forever. Lost or forgotten through neglect, laziness, new distractions or lack of demand.  Unfortunately, just like my running ability.

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