the bubble bursts

the bubble bursts

Last Sunday as I charged past yet another beat up old boat, rusting, rotting, covered in grimy tarpaulins and assorted debris (old bikes, chairs, pipes etc) – and obviously occupied – I understood Trump could win. People are living in desperate conditions.  Now. Today. In Great Britain.

They’re also living in run down garages, shacks and sheds (that wouldn’t look out of place in a shanty town) in the gardens backing onto the canal. Now. Today. In Great Britain.

This is the same country where a homeowner can be forced to give up their own home to build a runway (by the same politician who said they wouldn’t have to).

Remember in the USA its BREXIT plus plus plus. Supersized.

In an idle moment of curious voyeurism have you clicked through to: “You won’t believe this: derelict stadium / derelict shopping mall / derelict factory / derelict neighbourhood”? The photos are brutal and real and now in the United States of America – the ruler of the free world.

No wonder people in the ‘Developed World’ are angry with the establishment, the political elite, their elected representatives who just do whatever the hell they like (or as they are told to by their party-donor paymasters).

 We’re ripe and simmering for revolution.

And there has been a revolution. Just not the one we needed, wanted or hoped for but it was the one we got and arguably deserved. 

The question is why? Why when democracy has served up the opportunity for a protest vote:

  • Is the candidate of tried and tested ‘fear and hate’ the most attractive?
  •  Is there no alternative offering hope and goodwill?
  •  Is it a surprise that the status quo isn’t as appealing as loud, brash, rabble rousing change?
  • When we want change we entrust the hardliners to deliver?

From despair comes desperation, desperation leads to taking risks. Its lead to BREXIT and Trump.

Free to ride my bike on a Sunday morning (because I’m lucky enough to be able to enjoy leisure time) I saw outside of my bubble and glimpsed desperation and understood a little better why BREXIT and Trump.

6 thoughts on “the bubble bursts

  1. Is the candidate of tried and tested ‘fear and hate’ the most attractive?

    Our candidate of fear and hate lost last night.

    Is it a surprise that the status quo isn’t as appealing as loud, brash, rabble rousing change?

    The status quo got us $20 Trillion in debt and nothing to show for it. Only an ignoramus would ask, “Thank you ma’am, may I have another four”. We’re tired of the status quo. We need someone to tidy up a bit. He called it “drain the swamp”. Oh, and we will be able to save our freedom for another 50 years with the Supreme Court. Justice Ginsburg isn’t lookin’ so good lately too.

    We were hoping for a change of the guard with President Obama but we simply got more establishment crap and an attempt at socialized Healthcare that fell flat on its face. Oh, and another Ten Trillion in debt. So, no. That isn’t more palatable. In any form.


      • Bernie is, as we say, un-American as Schnitzel. It may taste awesome but it gives one the shitz so bad it consumes everything. Bernie is a disease to freedom, and we in America value that a little more than anything else. Bernie is all of this because he is a statist. He believes the State, federal in this case, should control everything, social and economic. Bernie has chosen to latch on to the brand of “ism” that has only spectacularly failed when left to its own, historically. He had even less of a chance at winning than Hillary. He’d have been absolutely creamed. As American freedom goes, Bernie is as bad as we get here. He is not the answer, he’s the problem.

        Those are admittedly harsh words but I’m coming out if semi-retirement for a post on this today. I’ll cover the rest of your reply in that post.


  2. You are right SC. My husband (who is older than me at 80) and I cannot find anywhere we can afford to rent unless we share in an HMO (house sharing with one room to ourselves) – we have been doing up an old boat we bought cheap and getting rid of all our worldly goods as mooring fees are cheaper than rent – they also include wifi, water, electricity, bikes to go into town, parking and cinema tickets. There are many living on the streets, in tents in car-parks or woods or sofa-surfing. The rich have become richer and the poor become poorer due to globalisation. The so-called trickle-down economics does not work.


    • Hate to chime in but that’s not how it is in the US. Not even close. And neither you or we have trickle down economics any longer. That was done away with decades ago, during a happier time, though it’s a nice thing to blame any malaise on brought about by today’s politicians. The sad reality that so many forget is that the rich will always get there’s. The more you make them pay in tax, the more they will charge… because they always get there’s. The rich aren’t getting richer, they’re just rich and the establishment of BOTH parties protect that wealth. One side just uses that wealth to work you into a fervor so you’ll vote for them.

      The beauty is, it doesn’t matter which political system you choose, rich people win. Communism? Still rich people. Socialism? Hugo Chávez’s daughter is worth $4 BILLION and the average person can’t buy toilet paper (I hear their currency works quite well though). Redistribution never works because those at the bottom just have to pay more for simple services and that’s what you voted for and are experiencing. And yes, it sucks. But I didn’t vote for that.

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