what the f##k is fake news

what the f##k is fake news

Why are proper News Agencies even talking about it? Lying, blagging, brainwashing, fiction, fantasy & propaganda are millennia old.  Where’s the news in that?  Just as every time the BBC interviews Farage and gives him air(time) the coverage of fake news by the mainstream, credible News Agencies gives fake news credence too.

Then fake gets weirder, that arch creator of myth, legend (mostly about himself) and fake news is bemoaning that the reputable News Agencies (that just so happen to hold Trump to account) are peddling fake news about him.

Is this fake news about fake news about fake news? (The latter otherwise known as Alternative Facts).

And that’s before anyone mentions #lookwhatshappeninglastnightinSweden

What can you do about fake news? You could just ignore it.  Fake news isn’t new, it’s just new propaganda, new brain washing.  Faking it is as old as the hills. The ones you should be out climbing – creating your own real news.

If fake isn’t new, neither is the feeling of being let down by fakes.  Buy a Chinarello off Alibaba don’t be surprised when it turns out not to be the real thing and disintegrates in a cloud of carbon fibre splinters beneath you (as if it never existed in the first place).  If you get your news from Facebook don’t be surprised if it turns out to be fake news or someone else’s propaganda.

In an age of populism where he who shouts loudest and most brashly gets the attention it’s more important that a free, reputable and independent press reports the Facts.  Not the alternative ones.  It’s paramount that the credible News Agencies – I’m looking at you BBC – can be relied on to sift through the debris of truth, debunk fake news, don’t allow it to become powerful or an escape route for denial by the powerful.   Otherwise they’re no better than Murdoch’s news.

Remember if it’s not on Strava.com it didn’t happen.

5 thoughts on “what the f##k is fake news

  1. Okay, here’s how our fake news works, because you brought up Trump – and the vast majority of it originates in those vaunted bastions of intrepid journalism such as the New York Press, the Washington Post, Reuters, and the Associated Press. Democrats pick up a talking point that the ignorant will hate and relate to Trump; Trump colluded with the Commies to “hack” the election. Nothing of the sort happened, but dopes will believe it and hate Russia, so they go with it. The press picks this up and liberals in the bureaucracy illegally leak a bunch of information that can only be gleaned by tapping the then candidate’s phones, but they twist the information to make it seem plausible that Trump, in some Bizzaro-world, done something untoward – except all of the intelligence agency heads come out and say he did nothing wrong. Still, the “leaks” persist and the fake news stories put it out there.

    Here’s the theory; Throw enough $#!+ against a barn, some will eventually stick.

    Till Trump comes out and Tweets that the Obama Administration tapped Trump Tower. If you noticed the reaction from Obama’s spokesman, that the White House never ordered a tap on Trump, that’s a non-denial denial – the executive branch can’t order or file for a tap. That comes from the Administration’s Department of Justice, or Loretta Lynch. Remember when she met with Bill Clinton on the sly, at the airport? Everyone thought that was about Clinton’s wife’s email…. Anyway, to get to a point, our media, or much of it, is in the tank for Democrats so stories are tailored, facts are manipulated or left out entirely to form a narrative that helps Democrats.

    That’s how they make fake news.


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