starting a new ride

Every cyclists know that riding a bicycle isn’t just an activity. It is a lifestyle. How and how much you immerse yourself in cycling is down to the individual. For some it’s transport: easy, cost effective environmental conscious. Another it’s a weapon for exerting pain and suffering: harder, faster, deeper, longer.  A lifestyle that can become an addiction to analysis of ride data, online cycling kit acquisition or just talking about cycling: your last ride, your next ride, where you want to ride and your best ride.

And many degrees and variations in between and beyond or combined.

For me, exercise (tick), socialising (tick), commuting (tick), adventure (tick) and strangely writing about cycling and writing about the things cycling made me subconsciously think about whilst cycling (tick). The subject of my first (and until now only blog).  As an expression of myself and testing my confidence to write “publicly” to a limited audience (of about 12 followers and a few friends I pestered to read the blog) it was a tentative but part affirming confirmation that subsconscious cycling was a thing for me and I had an outlet for my neurons energies stimulated by cycling.

Then those neurons stopped emitting thought.  Inspiration dried up.  I just rode my bike for riding. Which was OK too.  We’ve all had a lot on our minds these past few years.

As the world got smaller and life more limited a new idea for a post-Lockdown life began to crystallize, the idea of rising my bike to discover the past to better understand the present.

So I have myself a new project: riding through history

3 thoughts on “starting a new ride

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. As you probably noticed I am also a bike rider. I agree with you about mental meanderings while riding. I love the feeling of flying my bike over the trail, but I, too, have come up with numerous blog items which roll around in my head as I pedal. When I get home, I type them out like dictation.

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