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here are some articles on sport and fitness and of course – cycling. I wrote them whilst riding my bike (in my head of course)

300 miles in 3 days

what its like to ride 300 miles in 3 days (badly)

climbing a giant

experience climbing Alpe D’Huez on the penultimate day of the 2015 Tour de France

too much data

how my bike computer ruined my birthday

kit you don’t need

…but want

get started cycling: part 1

hope this helps

get started cycling: part 2

…and this

its not all about the road bike

don’t forget the dirt

its not all about cycling

the bike will only take you so far, try something else

whilst we’re talking boxing

try mixing things up

personal personal training

be your own personal trainer

is new kit better?


Hero Dads / Sponsored Rides for Schools

30 Dad’s ride to London in 24 hours and raise lots of £££

London to Lille 2016

how to ride 300 miles in 3 days whether you have an expensive bike or not