what is subconscious cycling?

You know the answer.  You know you do. You just can’t quite drag it out from the depths of your mind. The name of that song. That date. That place.

Hidden deep inside your mind is all the information you will probably ever need but like an untidy, jumbled cupboard you can’t always immediately find what you want.  Sometimes the harder, the more frantic, the more desperate you search the further, deeper, more inaccessible the thing you’re searching for seems to be.

Then it jumps out at you when you least expected – the answer, the information. In the shower. Whilst brushing your teeth.  Me, it’s when I’m on my bike. You’re engaged in something that requires very little thought, concentration or effort, this frees your subconscious mind to rummage around, shine a light and find that thing.

I love this phenomena, I love that it happens when I’m riding my bike. Like navigating the road or the trail, navigating your mind is a complex journey, maze like with dead ends and wrong turns but there just might be something very special around the corner.

Some of my best, most interesting, most free ideas have materialised from subconscious cycling.  Try it. Or just join me for the ride.

Follow the road, follow the trail, let your subconscious go where it wants to. Who knows where you will arrive.

3 thoughts on “what is subconscious cycling?

  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog on diet, exercise and living past 100. As you probably noticed I am also a bike rider. I agree with you about mental meanderings while riding. I love the feeling of flying my bike over the trail, but I, too, have come up with numerous blog items which roll around in my head as I pedal. When I get home, I type them out like dictation.

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