riding through history

history is


Until Adventure Road or Gravel became a choice within a lifestyle choice. A cycling sub genre that moulds the joys of road cycling and mountain biking into a composite ride experience that can deliver the miles of smiles of a road bike and the thrills and spills of a mountain bike. It’s not quite the best of both worlds and often the worst of both, slower going than road but still the long rutted, slippery climbs of MTB.

Despite rarely going beyond the surprisingly large number of gravel and dirt tracks of South West London and a little bit beyond the confines of the M25 it sparked a sense of romantic (potential) adventure, I began investigating ancient byways and considering bivvying in a ditch or beneath a wall overnight as I followed in the footsteps (just on wheels) of our ancient forefathers and connected with their primitive, simplistic way of lives (when not being attacked by neighboring warlords).

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