subconscious cycling

Subconscious cycling is the same phenomenon as when you’re brushing your teeth.

Its that elusive fact / answer / idea you’ve been chasing around, applying your every conscious, increasingly desperate thought to bring it to heel. Without joy.  It remains stubbornly out of reach.

Then it arrives, from no where, when you least expect it and there is no pen, notepad, device to record its arrival before you forget it again.  That happens to me when I’m riding my bike.  After mile after mile of empty blank mile, my mind filled with nothing but pain and / or pointless Strava ride titles on repetitive loop, a solid conclusion / decision / understanding will arrive unheralded.

I termed this subconscious cycling and used it to fuel my first blog, curating the output of random thought into short essays for my posts.

It worked for awhile, then life and work got in the way, squashing or dampening or something the flow of creative energy that had been bubbling to the surface like a tepid stream of lava. Or maybe the world just got too depressing, Brexit, Trump and Covid19 all being forces that made me feel powerless and impotent. Writing felt pointless, akin to shouting at a storm.

Even riding a bike became a restricted activity through lockdown and my subconscious thought became flat and dull in a negative positive correlation.

During the depths of lockdown Riding through History formed in my mind, helped in its conception by the freedoms of riding a bike (any bike) and unconstrained meanderings of subconscious cycling.

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